As a dispensary owner or operator, investing in SEO for your business’s website may seem unnecessary, cost-prohibitive, or outright confusing. It does, however, offer tangible value in return. Here are some of the most common questions we get about cannabis dispensary SEO.

Does My Dispensary Website Need SEO to Show up on Google?

Short answer: No. Having a non-optimized website won’t prevent it from appearing on Google, Bing, or other search engines. 

What Does Dispensary SEO Even Do, Then?

Search engine optimization — SEO for short — improves your website’s visibility on search engines. The higher your site ranks on their results pages, the more leads you’ll receive, and the more opportunities you’ll have to convert those leads into customers. 

Local SEO focuses on visitors from your area, and is highly recommended for dispensaries who want to boost visibility in their community. However, its effects aren’t instant: SEO’s worth is as a long-term strategy — one that can yield amazing results if implemented wisely.

How Do I Rank for Dispensary- or Cannabis-Related Keywords?

Your website will rank differently for different keywords based on how related they are to the content on your site. It’s important to note that each search engine uses a unique set of ranking factors; your website will rank differently for the same keywords across search engines.

Not only are your rankings affected by on-page content, they’re also impacted by external factors — also known as off-page SEO. Achieving top positioning for your go-to dispensary-related keywords is a long process, but not an impossible one if you go local.

What’s the Difference Between Local and “Regular” SEO? 

Local SEO refers to the process of optimizing your online presence to attract more business from relevant local searches. These searches take place across all search engines — not just Google. Bing, Yelp, and other websites play just as a big a part in a successful SEO strategy as Google does.

When compared to “regular” SEO, a local strategy is even more reliant on your tailoring your website to the search habits of your customers. That being said, strong “regular” SEO depends on several factors, both on-page and off.

Does Dispensary SEO Even Work?

It can work locally for any dispensary’s site, if you focus on providing useful information to shoppers in your area. Combined with Google My Business, SEO can help you create a completely local experience that won’t just rank well — it’ll drive traffic to your dispensary and your website, too. 

Why Does Dispensary SEO Vary in Price Between Marketing Companies?

The cost of dispensary SEO services may fluctuate based on a number of technical and financial factors. While we can’t speak to the financial side of things, technical reasons may include the overall size of your website; the number of pages you’re trying to rank for; the hours associated with strategy implementation; and more.

Can I Use Google My Business for SEO Purposes?

Google My Business encompasses both off-page and local SEO. And, since consumers looking for nearby businesses use Google more than any other search engine in the world, it helps create a direct funnel to your website. 

For instance, let’s assume that someone searches for a dispensary in Oklahoma. If you have created and maintained a stellar Google My Business profile, your dispensary has a better chance of appearing in their search results, creating a connection between you and the consumer.

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