The belief that having more websites generates more search traffic is a common misconception in digital marketing — one that proves especially costly for dispensary owners and marketing managers. Avoiding it, though, is easy: By properly developing a local strategy, you can drive more qualified customers to each of your locations.

Local. Local. Local.

Local strategies are no industry secret, but properly implementing one goes beyond opening a Google My Business account. To understand a local strategy is to understand the true role of your website — to provide useful, relevant information to current and potential customers. That knowledge proves even more important in today’s digital landscape, where search engines have altered their algorithms to prioritize quality over quantity. You can target each of your dispensaries from a single webpage, but you must provide user-friendly content to do so.

What Is User-Friendly Local Content?

Simply put, it’s content that your customers find valuable. Details like nearby streets and landmarks are useful in pinpointing your dispensary’s location, making it easier for potential patrons to find you — and for you to dominate your area’s market.

Make It Mobile

Your website should be designed to work across devices, but it ought to be built and optimized for mobile. Over 70% of traffic to dispensary sites comes from mobile devices; failing to account for your customers’ browsing habits can cost you valuable engagements.

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