Attracting new customers and patients to your cannabis dispensary is a big challenge: Along with competitors, you also have to contend against short attention spans and a cultural ability to tune out ads. To combat this, you have to understand two fundamental marketing strategies — brand awareness and remarketing.

What’s Brand Awareness?

Brand Awareness is the image consumers have of your brand. It describes their familiarity with the distinct qualities that help your dispensary stand out.

What’s Remarketing?

Also known as “retargeting,” this form of online advertising lets marketers show targeted ads to users who have already visited their website or engaged with their content.

When someone visits your website, interacts with your brand, or leaves items in their shopping cart, they pick up a tracking pixel. This piece of code follows the user across the internet, communicating with a retargeting platform or provider to display tailored ads.

Tip #1: Develop Repeat Customers

Your chances of converting a sale with a customer who’s never seen your brand cap out at 20%, regardless of the ad placement service or platform you use. It doesn’t matter what kind of behavioral data your ad management team has stockpiled, or what insights they claim to have: If you don’t develop loyal customers, you’re at risk of losing a chunk of your revenue.

Tip #2: Prioritize Reach and Frequency

“Reach” refers to the number of people that have seen your ad. “Frequency” refers to the number of times they saw it. In order to maximize its effectiveness, an ad should be served 4-5 times per customer!

Tip #3: Cast a Wide Net

Strong brand awareness leads to stronger remarketing campaigns. The more customers in your audience, the wider your remarketing pool — and the more revenue you can drive.

Tip #4: Optimize Your Creative

The purpose of brand awareness is to drive clicks and engagement, and both you and your creative team should align in pursuit of that goal. Users tend to ignore copy and click what looks relevant to them; leverage your targeting data to help creative design ads that appeal to your customers.

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