PPC Management

We craft, build, launch, and optimize business paid advertising campaigns that will boost qualified traffic to reach your business objectives.

PPC Management Made Simple

As a leading Google Ads agency, AlgoRhythmic specializes in amplifying your business growth with data-informed, conversion-focused Google Ad initiatives. We fine-tune campaigns across search, display, shopping, and video platforms to achieve unparalleled ROI. 

Experience Over Everything

Our PPC specialists are adept at customizing strategies to align with your unique business objectives, making us your go-to agency for Google Ads expertise.

How We Setup a Google Ads Account

Optimizing Ad Groups & Keywords

An ad group is essentially a collection of related ads connected by shared keywords and targeting criteria, providing a systematic way to organize your advertisements and enhance their relevance to specific viewers.

Tailor Your Key Terms

Keyword research identifies the most relevant terms related to your business and its offerings. These keywords serve as the phrases that consumers use when searching for information via Google.

Crafting Compelling Ad Copy

Ad copy is the textual component of a Google Ads campaign and acts as the primary mechanism for engaging prospective clients. Creating effective ad copy requires skill and expertise, prompting many businesses to consult a Google Ads agency.

Powered by Creativity + Data

Such an agency provides a team of seasoned experts skilled at crafting impactful text and managing ad campaigns, helping you meet your marketing goals.

Leveraging Google Shopping

Google Shopping, powered by Google, allows users to browse and compare products from various online retailers. It elegantly displays a curated list of relevant products and their pricing from multiple vendors upon a user’s search query. 

Work Directly With the Best

Many businesses collaborate with a Google Ads agency to maximize the efficacy and visibility of their product listings within the Google Shopping ecosystem.

Also known as retargeting, remarketing is a digital advertising strategy that enables you to show ads to individuals who have previously interacted with your website or business.

This is achieved by placing a cookie in the user’s browser, allowing you to track their online behavior and serve them relevant ads as they browse different websites.


Manage Your PPC With AlgoRhythmic

Create Campaigns

Once we breakdown your target audiences, we work with our copywriters and designers to craft your message.

Ongoing Optimization

We review the data to improve your campaigns and scale those ads/keywords that are trending in the right direction.

Analysis & Reporting

We schedule a call each month to review your budget, performance,  and provide campaign and competitor analysis.

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